• White Water is:
    White Water is: Refreshing and pure. All the junk has been removed and only the life saving flow is left.
  • White Water is:
    White Water is: Perseverance, it flows over all obstacles wearing them into nothing
  • White Water is:
    White Water is: It can be intimidating to those that have never experienced its power.

Sunday Worship is Moving!

Our current meeting space on Farnsworth road has become inadequate for our family. In order to serve the community better we are moving to the YMCA in Waterville. Starting May 14th we will officially begin meeting in the new location.

Featured Ministries.

  • Fire Bible
  • Madagascar
  • Butterflies15

Isaac & Terry Smythia

Their mission is to translate the Fire Bible into the native languages of the worlds nations. Visit their Facebook page to learn more about them and offer your support. Read More

Jay & Carrey Rostorfer

They partner with the Assemblies of God church to: REACH the lost through evangelism, PLANT new churches, TRAIN the church for ministry, TOUCH the needy with compassion. Read More

Hope where their is none

Assisting women to recover from the trauma of Human Trafficking and Prostitution. Giving women Hope when it seems there is no Hope. Read More

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Our Mission

  • To know God +

    Knowing God = Focus in Spirit and in Truth
  • be His people +

    BEING His people = Intentionality Bible Study
  • value others +

    Valuing others = Discipline - Their needs above ours
  • change our world +

    Changing our world with the Gospel = Perseverance
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3WC Atmosphere.

So what kind of experience can I expect when I first visit White Water Worship Center?.

We are a family environment where you can come visit with friends, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and a snack. Come talk about life and learn about this Great God we all serve.